Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teresa Palmer and Zac Efron: Dirty Dancing and Butt Grabbing!

Teresa Palmer and Zac Efron: Dirty Dancing and Butt Grabbing!: "

While the status of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens remains a question mark, this might clear things up a bit:

The actor reportedly acted VERY single in Hollywood last night.

A witness tells E! News that Efron got awfully cozy with Australian actress Teresa Palmer at Voyeur nightclub, arriving after midnight and sitting at a VIP table where they 'drank, dirty danced and made out,' the site confirms.

Zac E.Teresa Palmer Picture

'They all took tequila shots together. He was grabbing her butt and doing very suggestive dancing,' says an onlooker. 'Then they made out a couple of times standing up where they were dancing. I was surprised they were doing that in front of everyone. It was like they didn't care.

'They were there for like an hour and left together.'

Palmer stars in the upcoming I Am Number Four. She's been linked romantically to Topher Grace and Russell Brand.


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